“The Tolland Education Foundation has been an integral part of Tolland High School DECA’s success.  TEF was there in 2012 when we began the club and needed support to attend our first international competition and has been by our side ever since, supporting student achievement and growth.  THS DECA has grown to over 150 members annually with many students receiving state and international recognition for their business acumen.  TEF has always been quick to provide support not only through monetary donations, but also through personal mentorships and guidance as students explore various business fields.”

Lynne Bridge, Tolland High School, Business Education Teacher

“The Tolland Education Foundation allowed us to develop a Monarch Waystation at Tolland Intermediate School. This outdoor space serves to improve our environment, provides a quiet spot for the community, and is an educational space that allows third grade students to affect the world around them. Without your support, this project would not have been implemented as quickly, allowing our students and community to benefit sooner.”

Mark Ruede, Tolland Public School Science Supervisor:

“The Tolland Education Foundation has been instrumental in helping the TMS Physical Education Dept. meet the standards of the 21st century learner. Several TEF grants helped build the cutting-edge Performance Training Lab where students are using their own physical metrics from specific pieces of equipment to build custom work outs and track data over time. It doesn’t get much better than this! “

Tonya McDermott, Tolland Middle School, Physical Education Teacher

“The Tolland High School Store has become an integral part of creating and promoting school spirit.  The Tolland Education Foundation gave us the opportunity to open the school store with a variety of logo merchandise and school essentials.  Through their generous grant, TEF not only invested in merchandise and infrastructure, it also invested in school climate and real-world learning experiences for our students.  Business students gain valuable hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting practices, and customer service.”

Lynne Bridge, Tolland High School, Business Education Teacher

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